Intermediate Level Swimming Workout – Issue #59

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Intermediate Level Swimming Workout Newsletter

I have finally finished my review of some anti-chlorine products (you can read about it below).

I will be heading to Austin, TX for a few days mostly for vacation to see the SXSW festival and hopefully enjoy some warm weather! If anyone knows of anything that’s a “can’t miss” attraction while I’m in Austin, shoot me an email, I
would love to hear ideas! In the mean time, I have been working hard on my two new products and although I said one would be done this week, it may not be ready now until next week. Sorry for the false alarm on that one. I will send out a quick update as soon as it’s available (hint: it will be worth the wait to “hear” about it). I have included a special workout today for those training for a longer race like a Half Ironman (unless you are tapering).

Enjoy your training.
“Why do we fall? So that we can learn to pick ourselves up again.”
Batman Begins

Kill the Chlorine!

As I have mentioned previously, I have recently been having skin issues due in part to my excessive exposure to deadly chlorine!

Chlorine was first added to a community water system in 1908 in Chicago and was instrumental in eliminating many types of waterborne diseases, such as cholera and typhoid fever. However, chlorine is a poison to our bodies and in by consistent exposure can damage hair and skin.

When I was a kid growing up I swam every day, sometimes twice a day, and got used to the dry, brittle hair (even green at times!), and dry, cracked skin.

As an adult, these issues affect me even more- and I enjoy them much less!

Ideally, we could all swim in the ocean, where the water is actually good for your skin, even healing. However, this isn’t a practical option for many swimmers who live no where near the coast. Even for me, I’m very close to the ocean, but in the
winter the water hovers at around 55 degrees- much too cold for my bones!

So since we will always have to deal with pools and chlorine, I felt the need to find an anti-chlorine product that works.

I tested out several products including shampoos, body wash, and lotion. Here is what I found:

Ultra-Swim Shampoo (found in most drug stores)
Odor: Below Average
Effectiveness: After 2 weeks of usage, I noticed no difference in dried out brittle hair or cracked skin that smells like cholorine even 2 days after swimming.
Overall Rating: 1/5

Barracuda Anti-Chlorine Lotion (found in most swim shops)
Odor: Above average. A bit chemically, but also a nice lemon scent mixed in.
Effectiveness: Average. It seems to work for a while after swimming and takes out the chlorine odor, but dryness came back to my skin by the next day.
Overall Rating: 3/5

Tri-Swim (no relation) Anti-Chlorine Shampoo, Body Wash, Lotion
Odor: Excellent (citrus)
Effectiveness: Wonderful. These products worked the best for me. From the Tri-
Swim website: “TRISWIM is for people who love to swim but dislike negative effects that chlorine can have on hair and skin. Our innovative products are formulated to gently remove chlorine and chlorine odor while cleansing and
Overall Rating: 5/5

By using the Tri-Swim products, I have been able to kill the chlorine smell from my skin and replace it with a pleasant citrus smell. What sold me on Tri-Swim (besides the name) was waking up the next day after swimming and not smelling chlorine on myself! If I use the body wash and then the lotion immediately afterward, my dry skin is completely minimized.

The chlorine fighting shampoo has also allowed my hair to grow normally again instead of breaking off. I highly recommend these products if you are swimming in typical highly chlorinated

Click Here to order the Tri-Swim line of anti-chlorine products from Swim Outlet pools.

Workout of the Month
Cruise= an interval you can make 100 yard or meter swims on comfortably with about 10 seconds
rest. (i.e. Cruise+:15 would mean you are getting about 25 seconds rest in between each 100)
Max Heartrate= 180-your age+5 is your max aerobic heart rate. Determine by counting your pulse for 6 secons after your swim and multiply by 10.

WARM UP: 5×100’s @ Cruise +:15 BUILD
DRILL: 16×50’s 1) Count Strokes. 2-16) Keep Stroke Count the same or lower as #1 Rest= :15 between each 50
MAIN: 2x(2×150 + 4×100) Keep all swims at Max Heartrate or lower. Rest= :20 for the 150’s, :15 for the 100’s
BREATH CONTROL: 3×200’s 1, 2) Breathe ev 3-5-7-3 Strokes by 50 3) Stroke Count- Subtract 2 strokes per 50
WARM DOWN: 250 Breathe on weak side only on odd lengths
TOTAL: 3550 Yards