Instead of resolutions, do this

Posted Ella Villas Articles

It’s very tempting to make New Years Resolutions.

Even though, “New Year” is just a random point in time that we decided to mark the earth’s trip around the sun with, people place a lot of significance on this occurrence.

And we’ve probably all heard the statistics, most of these resolutions are broken by February or something.

But I still do believe there is a way to do this a little differently that is much more effective.

Instead of listing out resolutions, like “lose weight”, or “improve my times” or “get to more workouts”, many people will say “Just be more specific”.

“Lose 10 pounds this year’
“Take 20 seconds off my PR”
“Average 6 workouts per week”

Now while that’s an improvement, it’s still not good enough!

Those are nice goals, but really… how do you get there?

Here’s how. Pick the ONE THING that’s holding you back in whatever your goals are. Maybe there are 2 things, but one is best.

There is likely one way of thinking or going about things that can tie in all the areas in your life you’re not satisfied with.

Figure out what that is, and just focus on getting better at it, or changing it in some way that will allow you to get what you want.

For example, it could be a simple thought pattern that if changed, would make a world of difference.

Maybe you think “I’m not a ‘real’ swimmer. I started too late in life to really get better at this.”

Or “I’m not like other people. It’s so much harder for me to lose weight”.

No worries. Just accept that this is your self concept in the present. Changing this self concept is your project this year.

Think of the results. It could be your year of growth! From a simple change or two, instead of a “destined to fail” resolution.

Befriend the water in 2020!