Inspiration From an Amputee Marathon Runner

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I just read an article that really inspired me: Amy Palmiero-Winters, who is missing a leg, just ran the White Rock marathon in Dallas, TX. But that isn’t even the inspirational part. Amy’s cause is helping inspire other amputees. Not just by running marathons and other races herself, but by meeting with children who have lost limbs. While Amy’s personal success is impressive enough, it was this quote that really impressed me:

“When I lost my leg, I could have given up,” Palmiero-Winters said after finishing Sunday’s marathon in about 4 ½ hours. “But I love to run and I have an ability to help people through my running.”

This is a great example of someone who was dealt a ridiculously rough hand in life, and yet rebounded, rose above her handicap and is out there doing what she loves and bringing inspiration and happiness to children around the country. Amy is also a 3-time triathlon world champion and holds 12 amputee world records!

In this holiday season, it’s stories like this that motivate me the most.