If you wear a wetsuit, never forget this item

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One thing that used to drive me crazy about doing my open water swims and surf sessions was the annoyance of putting on and taking off my wetsuit.

But that’s all changed. Since I’ve been using TriSlide by SBR Sports, I can put on and take off my wetsuit in record time! No more stomping, tugging, pulling, and nearly straining muscles to take off a wetsuit!

TriSlide is absorbed by the skin to help prevent against the skin sticking to itself, or an apparel item.

It does a great job of preventing the chaffing that often goes along with wearing a wetsuit. I tend to get chaffing around my neck and sides, but never when I use Tri-Slide. It can also be used to help prevent blisters on the feet, saddle sores when cycling, and any chafing issue while running or walking.

And, I love that TriSlide comes in a little spray bottle so it’s super easy to apply, and you can share it with others who may be otherwise grossed out. 🙂

I’ve enjoyed this product so much that I’m endorsing it and started carrying it in my store. Just to kick things off, I’m offering a $2 discount if you want to try one out. Head over to https://triswimcoach.com/store to grab a bottle now!