I fell apart

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Have you ever felt like you need to constantly have momentum going forward, or you’re falling behind in life, or in your athletic endeavors?

I was very much looking forward to the new year, 2020. I had a lot of momentum in all areas of my life in December.

Things were going well fitness-wise, business-wise, and relationship-wise.

And then…

The first few days of the year hit, and each day has been a struggle! Motivation & energy levels took a dip.

Where did this come from? Why the stalling out? What happened to my December momentum and thrills about starting the new year?

Well this is life. Nothing ever continues in a straight line up to glory and smooth sailing!

And swimming is a metaphor for this (oh come on, you knew I was going there!)

The daily practice of training will be a series of ups and downs.

One day everything is smooth and flowing perfectly, and you’re just skimming along the water.

You will think “I’ve TOTALLY got this, I’m finally mastering swimming!”

Then the next day, it seems that nothing works!

What happened to that smooth, flowing freestyle of yesterday? It’s gone, but have faith in yourself, in your body- it will return!

Not forcing it, and not being attached to the outcome is the key.

Today, it’s gloomy and cloudy and it will rain later.

But tomorrow, or the next day, it will clear up, and the beautiful sunshine will make it’s way through again.

And you can get your swim handled, with the small victories that eventually will result in big breakthroughs- but only if you are willing to hang in there with the low times, the times when your confidence and inner strength is being put to the test.

Only then will you be able to grow and become the improved version of yourself.

Remember- just keep swimming, celebrate the small victories and roll with the punches of the tests that will inevitably come in your training.