I barely survived high school

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And another week begins!

When I was a teenager, I had a really rough time in high school. Most of my teachers weren’t actually doing much teaching, and didn’t care about the students.

In some classes, I would just put my head down on my desk and sleep, since that seemed like a better use of my time than paying attention to what was going on (which wasn’t much).

Often they would show a movie, or make the students read various parts of the book out loud- with no commentary or discussion in between.

The problem that I felt at the time was that things were out of my control.

I had to be at school and was forced to go to classes where I wasn’t learning anything.

At the time it was so frustrating, and I could not express well what I was feeling.

And I had a dream the other night that I was in one of those dreaded classes, and I stood up and clearly explained to the teacher what the problems were, and why I had little desire to pay attention to anything.

It felt great! Empowering and satisfying.

The great thing about becoming an adult is, you get to take control. Control of your decisions, and where and how you will spend your time.

How does this relate to training for a triathlon, you ask?

Think about this endeavor of improving your swim as a chance to use that wonderful power of self-control to take deliberate actions that will produce specific results.

And as you make small gains, you can experience the joy that you once had, at some time in your life, when choices were left up to you, and you took the “bull by the horns” and accomplished something that to this day, you are still proud of.

Because you did this thing. Nobody forced you to do it, nobody “cracked the whip”- it was all out of your internal motivation that your goal was met.

This is now you in the pool, today.

Like many of our members, you can have the most satisfying swim success by being a self-taught swimmer, where each little victory along the way breeds the next one…until you start gaining more confidence, climbing up the ranks, and experiencing a completely different world.

A world where you are in control- befriending the water, and creating the result that you can give yourself total credit for accomplishing.

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Happy Monday!