Hydration and Triathlon Swimming – Issue #114

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Hydration and Triathlon Swimming

Dear Friend,

Tomorrow, I’m heading off to Austin, Texas for the Longhorn Ironman 70.3. No, I’m not competing, but I will be there with a booth to discuss swimming for triathlon with anyone who stops by. If you are going to be there for the event, stop by and say hi!

Going to Texas with its heat and possible humidity reminded me of something I started doing a week ago that has helped with my energy levels overall. I’ve started this new program called “Wake Up Productive” by Eben Pagan. This first month, the requirement is to get up, drink 1/2 liter of water, do 20 minutes of exercise, 5 minutes of stretching, and 5 minutes of meditation/breathing work.

The first couple of days were TOUGH (especially since I had to get up early to do it and I’m not a morning person), but now that I’ve got into the swing of it, I’m starting to like this routine. I never knew how dehydrated we start off the day!

Getting that water right away is a huge step that I’ve learned can make a big difference in the way I feel throughout the day. Not having water for 6-8 hours while we sleep is a long time!

And if you live in a warm climate (like Texas), or you plan to train or race in some heat, this is even more important!

Short newsletter this time as there’s lots going on, but if you want to keep up with me and adventures in triathlon swimming, subscribe to my blog, or follow me through twitter at twitter.com/triswimcoach.


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