How you do anything is how you….

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…do everything!

I learned this many years ago at a T. Harv Eker “Millionaire Mind” event.

Then a few years ago, I took it seriously and started making my bed everyday, for the first time since I was forced to as a kid. Haha.

So what does “how you do anything is how you do everything” mean? And how does it relate to swim success?

In swimming, if you do sloppy laps, or if your mind wanders on drills, or if you skip your cool down or skip drills altogether… you will get the results on race day that take into account these “short cuts”.

So everything relates.

If you aren’t concerned about your diet, if you cut back on your sleep, and if you let negative thoughts creep into your mind throughout the day, this will spill over into your athletic and swimming performance.

If you are less than honest with people, this will affect how honest you are with yourself- and how much improvement you stand to make.

EVERYTHING is connected.

If you are treating others poorly, you are treating yourself poorly.

Start paying attention to the little things. The small stuff!

Your general thoughts and actions are going to translate to your success or failure in the water.

Start taking inventory of how you go about each part of your day. Are you peacefully and effectively getting things done?

Or is there a tendency to make excuses, struggle, complain, and not do what you know you need to do?

This isn’t to say you will be GREAT at everything. We all have our strengths and weaknesses.

But it is saying, when you are truly mindful (I know, overused word), and consistently pay attention to what you are doing in the present moment- and do your best despite challenging circumstances- you will be rewarded with small and big success in every area of your life, even swimming.

So start small, and move outward from there.

Maybe just start making your bed in the morning. 🙂