How to successfully train and work full time

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Do you wake up on Monday Morning with a feeling of dread, or one of excitement?

Training for a triathlon and working a job or business can compliment one another- or it can be a dysfunctional, destructive combination!

The way I start most days, especially Mondays, is this:

  1. Wake up at 6am
  2. Shower
  3. Do Wim Hof breathing
  4. Meditate 10 minutes
  5. Walk outside for 5-10 minutes
  6. Breakfast
  7. Coffee
  8. Work!

This builds in motivation. This also builds in the ability to be flexible with the rest of my day.

Workout at noon? No problem.

Each day has a “theme”, but not a rigid hourly schedule.

So I may have planned to work out mid-day but got caught in some project for work. No worries! I have time after 5pm today.

When you are training for a race, work can easily get in the way of your training, and training can easily get in the way of work!

The key is to be mindful of your days, be able to get everything in while maintaining calmness and being able to move things around on any given day.

Swimming takes a little more time than running or biking.

You have to get yourself to the pool, then change into your swimsuit, then do your workout, shower, and leave.

So not every day unfortunately can be a swim day. But you can make a mini-goal of swimming 3 days a week, and all that means is driving or biking to the pool and getting in. This gets you over the hardest part- showing up!

It also sets you up for success in your next race, especially if you are following our plans in Tri Swim Success.

The workout breaks in your day can also set you up for success at work. Problems are usually not solved while sitting at a desk, at a computer. But going for a run or swim, sometimes you will come up with your most brilliant ideas!

And, your brain and body both need breaks to run at full capacity. Sitting or even standing for long periods of time can be tough on the body.

Getting away from work and doing something physical will not only allow your body to move in a natural way- mixing in different movements instead of just being stationary for a long time, it will allow your brain to “cross train” as well, keeping it fresh and motivated for the next challenge at work.

So for this week, keep in mind this healthy balance.

Successful training = successful work
Successful work = successful training

Happy Monday, and make sure to befriend the water this week!