How to “gamify” your swim workouts

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Do you dislike, or even hate swim workouts?

This needs to change if you want success in swimming!

Even if swim workouts are a mild discomfort, or you consider them “boring”, this message is for you.

The key to enjoyment in your workout is to do things that you actually enjoy. Duh, right?

“But I enjoy laying on an inner tube and drinking margaritas!”

Well okay, this MIGHT not be the best form of swim training. 🙂

The idea is to have productive enjoyment with every workout.

Here are a few ideas to add in the fun to your workouts, and decrease the boredom or monotony:

    1. Do a “reverse order” workout. If you typically do things in order, i.e. warm up, drills, main set, breath control, warm down….try starting at the bottom. You can still warm up but then get into your last thing first.
    2. Mix the drills. Do a set of 10x50s. Every other 50, do a new drill. Study a few drills ahead of time and randomly pick one for each couple of 50s.
    3. Use equipment. Are you a tech geek? Use a watch to measure strokes, heart rate, distance, etc. Try a pair of fins out, or the Finis Tempo Trainer, or a snorkel. This is purposeful while changing things up.
    4. Combine sprinting with LSD. I’m not a huge fan of just doing distance for the sake of “getting in yards/meters”. But you can do combined workout that can be fun. 4x300s with a 50 sprint in between. On the 300s, you’re just focused on technique. With the 50s, you take all the rest you need.
    5. Combine Dryland with swimming. Do some deck ups between swims (pulling yourself out of the pool). Do push ups between sets. Do a “brick” with swimming and running.

Keep that creative mind going. What else can you do that can add fun and enjoyment to a productive workout?

Befriend the water!