How to exercise for triathlons

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Coach Kev and I have been in the kitchen and we are mixing up some delicious exercise treats for you, but what exactly goes into our secret recipe that make them so nurturing? According to research, it is a little bit of

  • Intensity-How hard you push yourself
  • Repetition-How frequently you push yourself
  • Sets-the number of times you do this in a given session
  • Volume-the total amount you do so
  • Recovery intervals-how long you break before repeat
  • Frequency- How often you do the exercise
  • Type of exercise-Which exercise you do

The key to any successful exercise program is the proper proportions of all of these. Forget one, and the whole recipe gets thrown off and you end up with a bad batch.

All of these ingredients are important to include, but the recipe changes depending on your goals. If you want to lose weight for example then, you would increase the intensity and decrease the volume. However if you want to build your endurance, then lower the intensity but increase the repetition and frequency.

I think the most important ingredient though is the frequency. The success of any program boils down to whether you follow it and whether you continue it day in and day out. That is not to say that you do the same workout every single day–like food that would get boring– but rather being consistent. The best athletes do not just workout once a week but train every day, multiple times a day, over long periods of time.

Before starting an exercise program, make sure it includes all of these ingredients, and if it does, you are sure to have a winning recipe. However,

Coach Kev and I throw in one last “secret” ingredient that really spices up every regimen: fun. Without it, our workout treats just seem bland.

Have a great week!

Coach Chris