How to assess a race or practice for optimal outcomes

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Ever have a race, or a practice, where seemingly lots of things went “wrong”, and you are questioning yourself, criticizing yourself, and feeling bad about how you performed?

We can often get stuck in self-criticism. The problem with this is, you will learn nothing from it, you will not improve, and you will feel… a bit icky.

Everything in life is an experiment.

Everything is temporary.

Everything is a work in progress.

Here are 3 ways that you can get the most out of your post race analysis when things didn’t go optimally:

  1. Instead of ruminating, write down 5-10 things that you think you can improve on. Getting things out of your brain and on paper will allow you to kind of “shed” any negativity and move forward with some solid ideas to get better next time.
  2. Write down 5-10 things that went RIGHT. There are likely many things that you can congratulate yourself on, even after having a challenging race or workout. Examples: you showed up, you finished the swim/workout, you had that one good turn…there are usually more positives than you think at first glance.
  3. Keep this in mind: Even the attempt at doing a triathlon of any distance puts you on a course of improvement. This race or workout could easily be just a bump in the road as you move towards something greater. Oh it was your last race of the season? Great! Now you have specific things to work on during the off season, instead of just “trying to get faster”. You got a DNF (Did Not Finish)? Okay, well how many others never even made it to the starting line? The attempt is an accomplishment in itself.

All the best in your quest this year, keep making the water your friend as you navigate the waves 😉