How do you know?

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Ever make assumptions and then you turn out to be wrong?

In the past I have assumed things about people based on their appearance that turned out to be completely wrong.

And I still assume things about myself that turn out to be wrong as well.

For example, on Friday, I really wanted to do a gym workout. I had it on my mind for a couple of days ahead of time.

But some things went wrong on Friday at work and it really got to me. I came home and laid on the couch. I physically did not feel good, and my attitude was BAD, like I just wanted to lay on the couch the rest of the night and sulk.

I had been making gains in the gym recently, and today would have been the perfect day to work out, as I was well rested and got plenty of sleep the night before, except that I wasn’t feeling it- at ALL.

I came up with this idea in my head: “Okay, I feel like crap, and it’s dark and cold out and I just want to call it a day, but just put your shoes on and walk down to the gym and do SOMETHING, anything. It will likely be a light, short workout but I’ll get back on it next time”.

And then what happened?

I had an amazing workout. Set personal bests in almost everything I did.

I can’t explain it, but sometimes assumptions are incorrect, even when you think you know yourself so well!

Just like the mini-habits concept in The Fit Triathlete, often times just getting out there, or just even putting your shoes on can change your world.

Have you just shown up today and taken the first step? Or are you waiting for all conditions to be right, like “after the holidays”?

Happy holidays, and remember to just keep swimming.