Hitting the board & hitting your goals

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Many years ago, I attended a conference on self improvement and how to reach your goals.

I don’t remember much about the content of the talks. I know some was helpful, but it was one of the exercises in particular that they had us do that stands out most.

They handed out these wooden boards to everyone, and the speaker demonstrated how we were all going to break the boards with a karate chop.

Right, I thought, more like, break my hand!

This exercise was mostly mental, not physical. It didn’t matter how strong or weak you were- it only mattered where your concentration was.

If you aim to hit the board itself- you will fail, and the board won’t break.

But, if you aim PAST the board, basically aim to hit the other side of the board, it will magically break, and your hand goes right through, no pain at all!

And, magically, it worked when I followed the instructions.

It felt so empowering, that I did that with my mind!

What are you thinking too small about currently that’s holding you back?

Are you trying to achieve something that just isn’t enough of a challenge- or something that your brain can’t get behind?

An example of thinking small in fitness would be something like this:

“I’m just trying not to get fat!”

Your mind will focus on the word “fat” and it will be tough to actually make gains towards your goal.

Instead, “I’m aiming to get fit” is better, or “I’m aiming to gain 5 pounds of muscle” or, to put it in triathlon terms, “I plan to take 10 minutes off my time from last year.”

You will start finding ways to do this when you keep your goals BIG. You will be less likely to miss a workout.

You will be less likely to overdo the carbs at meals.

You will start looking up to athletes that are a little ahead of you instead of comparing yourself to those around you.

Hitting your goals will be much easier and less painful when you can think big.

What is your board? What do you need to expand in your thinking to reach your next level?