Hit the reset button?

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It’s a crystal-clear Monday morning here in Southern California.

And today, let’s talk your upcoming week.

This week, is YOUR week.

This week… you will have absolute clarity on what you are doing with your training in the pool, and in the open water.

This week… you will continue to practice drills.

This week… you will complete your workouts. If you are just starting out, it may be just 1 set of drills or even a few sets of vertical kicking.

This week… you will take ONE action, everyday, that moves your fitness and racing potential forward.

This week… you will get enough sleep each night and not give in to temptation and try to cut rest and sleep corners.

This week.. you will practice self acceptance, and become aware of the things you are not accepting in yourself, and in your life.

This week… you will take 100% responsibility for everything in your life. You will stop making excuses. And stop blaming others. This week… you will leave the past in the past.

This week… you will focus on making better nutrition choices.

This week… you will focus on your breathing- in the water, and on land.

And simply letting everything go.

This week… you will review your goals and let them sink in (but avoid sinking in the water!)

This week… you will take the OLD negative or self-limiting beliefs and let them go.

These are all little things, but when you add it all up, they have a major impact on your swim. Your health. Your life.

You must do this. You must own this. Now.

One week quickly turns into one month. Which quickly turns into a year.

The clock is ticking!

No need to wait for January 1st.

THIS WEEK is the week your transform into a lean, mean, triathlete machine.

THIS WEEK is your week.

Befriend that water!