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Is high level triathlon training healthy? – TSC Podcast #108

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Questioning “Is advanced & high Intensity triathlon training healthy”? In this episode, Brad Kearns, host of The Primal Endurance Podcast, joins Kevin & Chris in a discussion on the health benefits and health factor of high level triathlon training. They discuss:

  • Balancing health and fitness
  • Stress management
  • Sleep & Circadian Rhythm
  • Genetic influence on athletic performance
  • Other factors that affect training recovery
  • Training motivations
  • Common misconceptions about pro athletes
  • Rigid versus fluid workout training schedule
  • Guiding your training decisions by your desire to train
  • Training frequency and consistency
  • The 180 Heart Rate Formula by Dr. Philip Maffetone
  • Potential adverse cardiovascular effects from excessive endurance exercise
  • Pushing your body to the limits

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