Growth through adversity

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Last night in our The Fit Triathlete webinar, we did a poll. What is the reason you do triathlon?

By a long shot, the answer most chose was “For the challenge, to overcome adversity”.

This was also the topic in a recent podcast that we just released with Emilia Lahti.

And this quote from her blog says a lot about all of our motivations to pursue swimming, and triathlon as a whole:

The strenuous moments of adversity which force us to reflect on the inner depths of our character, and to even ponder the very meaning of life itself, change us irreversibly and cultivate our sense of empathy for others, for the world, and for ourselves. Overcoming adversity may give us a newfound sense of self, and a sense of our own power and adaptability. It may also connect us to others in a deeper, more authentic way.

This can be done in so many ways.

It doesn’t have to be something really “big”- like doing an Ironman, or running the length of a country (as Emilia is planning next year!)

It can be as little as feeling a little more balanced in the water. Or making a 10% improvement in your high elbow pull.

In swimming, we talk about the “little victories”, and these can add up to big things.

We all have adversity to go through.

Maybe you had a fear of the water and didn’t start swimming until age 47.

Maybe you are recovering from an illness.

Maybe you’ve had unbelievable emotional turmoil in your life.

This podcast was about actually growing stronger from these experiences through a concept called Sisu. This has everything to do with triathlon, swimming, and life.

We all become who we are through adversity, instead of despite adversity!

For a deeper understanding of this, here is a link to the podcast I did with Emilia, I’m sure you’re going to enjoy this one:

Overcoming Adversity And The Transformational Power Of Sisu