Goal Setting in Triathlon – Issue #92

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Goal Setting in Triathlon

Dear Friend,

Whether you to one race a year or 10, or you have yet to compete in a triathlon, it’s vital to always have fitness goals.

For most people, a goal of simply “losing 10 pounds” is not enough to keep them coming back to the pool three times a week, or go for a run when it’s cold and dark and raining.

The best thing to do is to keep your calendar busy. Trifind.com is a great resource for upcoming triathlons and duathlons worldwide.

But if your season is over, think about entering a 10k, half marathon, masters swim meet, or some other non-triathlon related event.

By keeping your calendar updated with monthly events you have to train for, you will keep yourself from being bored- and instead stay motivated, healthy, and in shape!


p.s. If you are attending the Longhorn Triathlon in Austin October 6-7th, I look forward to meeting you. I will be giving a short talk on swimming so stop by if you can!

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Tip of the Month: Warm Down

Whether it’s swimming, running, or biking, make sure you are doing a proper warm down. Most masters swim teams I have been on do a lousy job implementing a warm down into workouts. It’s especially important after you have done sprints and large-effort swims to do at least a few lengths of easy swimming before you leave the pool. This will keep your energy up for your next workout, and help to keep you injury-free.