Giving Your 110% in Every Workout

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My coach always tells me, and I firmly agree, to give 110% in every single practice that I do. Why shouldn’t I? I am my spending valuable time and resources (i.e. sleep, time with family, and money), so there is no point in squandering my time by only giving 50% of my effort.

The true meaning of this expression may surprise you though. When I first heard my coach say this, I automatically assumed that she meant that I should completely blow out every single workout and spend all my time in zone 4. No pain, no gain right? WRONG. In actuality, she meant the total opposite.

Giving 110% does not mean to go hard all the time. It means following the prescribed workout to the best of my ability. If the workout says go easy for 800m then I better be going easy, and if it says “you should be puking on the side of the pool after the last interval,” then I should have the bucket ready.

Whether the workout says go zone 2 or zone 5, following the plan takes a tremendous amount of discipline and effort. Some days I feel awesome even after a hard workout the day before, but if the workout says go easy, then I know should. If I do not, I will pay for my hubris the next day by being too sore and worn out to make the key workouts count, which I have to give the same 110% effort and energy too.

Even if I do not hit my goal splits on my hard intervals, by giving it my all and trying my best I know that the workout was not a waste; I can hang up my goggles with the peace of mind that I put in as much as I could. I of course will not hit my splits every single workout; that goal would be impossible. I can however hit my goal effort each and every time. How much apply myself is the only thing I can control.

This week push your limits and challenge yourself not to blow out every workout but give your 110% effort to doing what is written.

Train hard, race harder
Coach Chris and Kev