From NO CLUE how to swim, to Ironman Finisher

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One of the greatest things to hear as a coach is that you made a difference in someone’s life.

Three years ago, I got a message from someone who had gone through our Tri Swim Success program- and had massive success!

I think you may be able to relate to Scott’s story below:


“One year ago, I decided to do something epic, not having any clue what I was getting into. I signed up for Ironman Florida 2016. Background.


I had NO CLUE how to swim.


The extent of my experience was splashing in a pool. I figured that being mildly athletic, I would be able to pick it up quick.


Boy was I wrong.


I first got into a pool in January of this year and got a quick wake up call.


I couldn’t swim 5 feet and realized I got severe anxiety with my face in the water. I kept a journal. Excerpts:


1/2 – “Holy sh#t… I can’t swim. At all…. better figure this out quick”.


1/17 – “No clue how I am going to do this. Still can’t make it 10 feet”.


1/28 – Bought the Tri Swim program. Gonna start at square 1 and see where this goes.”


That program was Tri Swim Success. I don’t remember how I came across it, but I do remember that it was my last ditch effort. I was in a very dark place.


I had to put my trust in it. I did all the beginning drills but each day’s drills, I did for a week. I did nothing but the drills in this program until the end of April when I could finally swim 50 meters without stopping.


Long story short, without this program, I am confident I would have never been able to swim in an ocean, 2.4 miles, getting pummeled by other people, and lived to tell about it.


Oh… and becoming an Ironman.”


– Scott Stone
Lawrenceville, GA USA


I wanted to highlight Scott’s story for inspiration.

This story is why we are in this game. It’s why I do what I do. He didn’t have a swimming background going in.

He didn’t have overnight success.

But he put the work in and accomplished a dream.

Could this be you next year?

Swim proud & befriend the water!