Friend or fear?

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If you are reading this, it means you likely either are doing triathlons, or are planning to a triathlon.

With triathlon, as with open water swimming, as with life, there will be a level of fear that you will have to deal with.

By purposely putting yourself in a situation that for many people raises a significant level of fear, you are doing something right!

You’re welcoming fear, and allowing yourself to dance with fear.

In other words, you are not fighting fear (or “punching fear in the face”).

Just like our slogan, “Befriend The Water”, equally as important is to befriend fear itself!

Fear may come pre-ocean swim.

Fear may come pre-race, and fear may come as you turn the first buoy with a dozen of your closest competitors.

Acceptance is the key here.

You won’t actually be able to “conquer fear”.

If you try to fight it, try to make it a battle, you will eventually lose. Fear will just get stronger and take over more of your life, or your swim.

The expression “feel the fear and do it anyway” is not about any kind of battle with fear. It’s also about acceptance.

Once you accept fear at a deep level, it loses its power over you. You could even name your fear, to make it more human.

I recommend thanking that “fear voice” that can often seem to ruin a good training session or race.”Thank you for trying to keep me safe. I’m going to move forward anyway.”

But understand that everyone experiences this fear. Everyone! Accept and move forward. Accept and commit.

I’ll get into this concept a bit deeper later on. Until then, befriend the water this week!