Friday Fun Day

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Woke up this morning and recorded a podcast for Healthy Mind, Fit Body.

After this, around 9:30 a.m. I was greeted with a wood chipper across the street! Apparently, there was a fixer-upper for sale and it was just purchased. It’s a crappy old house that has all of its original features from the 1960’s, including pink paint, pink bars on all the windows, ugly white bricks on the outside of the house, and I even hear they had flash bulbs installed in each room as a deterrent for would-be burglars!

So the investor that bought the house is tearing the place apart, including cutting down all the trees, basically starting from scratch.

So now I am bouncing around from coffee shop to coffee shop here in Pacific Beach, San Diego, trying to get some internets. I’m now at a cafe with a weak internet connection, but beggars cannot be choosers!

Still on the menu for today is a run (um, yeah 2 miles at most!), a gym workout, and a concert at the Del Mar race track. Pinback, one of my favorite bands, is playing. It will be crowded, but the great thing is that’s a FREE concert!

This weekend I look forward to a relaxing Saturday and heading up to Orange County on Sunday to teach a small swim clinic, underwater video analysis in an endless pool at the Triathica Academy Triathlon Training center.