Day 5: Putting it together

Learning Objectives: The ability to apply what you have learned in lessons 1-4 and execute a smoother, more efficient freestyle.

Day 5 Workout

  • WARM UP:
  • 300 yards or meters of your choice
  • DRILL:
  • Set #1: 5x100's. Each 100 will be done as 50 free with your hands in fists, followed by a 50 Free with hands normal.
  • Set #2: 5x100's (again!) Each 100 will be done as 50 Finger Tip Drag (drag finger tips on arm recovery) followed by 50 Free.
  • Set #3: 10x50's. Free. No drill this time. Focus on 1 element of your stroke with each 50.
  • Take :10-:15 between each of the above swims.
  • 200 Easy Swim
  • TOTAL:
  • 2000 Yards or Meters

Keep in mind:

  • The fist drill will teach you to get the most out of your body rotation to get you through the water most efficiently.
  • Fingertip Drag Drill will help you get your elbows out of the water. Don't forget to slice your hands a little in front of your goggle line.
  • *Feel free to add or subtract distance as needed.

Common Mistakes:

  • Breathing: Looking up to breathe as opposed to breathing to the side
  • Kicking: Using lots of energy but not going faster. Remember, the kick only accounts for about 10% of your propulsion and is mostly used for balance & rotation.


  • 1 length at a time. You don't need to swim a mile on day 5!
  • Most important thing to remember: high elbows- both on the recovery and the pull
  • Relax and have patience!


  • Focus on more than 1 thing at a time
  • Worry about being perfect on your breathing (this takes work and practice) Lift your head up
  • Use fins when you are swimming (stick with fins for drills)

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