Freestyle Speed & Technique Round Table

Freestyle Speed & Technique Round Table – TSC Podcast #115

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Freestyle Speed & Technique Round TableOn this special episode, we have a panel discussion with 3 experts in tackling a couple of the most debated issues in the triathlon swimming world.  Meet Tim Crowley an accomplished triathlon & swim coach from Florida, Eric Neilsen, recent Colorado Masters Swim Coach of Year of  Train Smart Race Fast, and Rob Sleamaker founder of Vasa Trainer as they answer questions about acceleration and increasing distance per stroke.

This show is filled with principles, techniques, tips and tools that anyone training for their next triathlete will find as gem.  This is definitely a unique show that you shouldn’t miss!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • Difference of triathlon swimming to pool swimming
  • How Fear and Mental Preparedness play a huge role
  • Freestyle swimming training in pools
  • Intensive discussion about techniques and best practices
  • Hand speed and “accelerating the blade”
  • What patterns to have first
  • Increasing distance per stroke without increasing stroke rate
  • Common mistakes and ways around them
  • Most important two things that a swimmer should have in their swim bag
  • Wrap up and final thoughts

Tools Mentioned

  • Center mount Snorkel
  • Finis agility paddle
  • Fins

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