Freestyle Rotation – Issue #72

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Freestyle Rotation Newsletter

Starting with this issue, I will be adding a new section to the newsletters called “Subscriber Questions.” I will pick out a question once per month, either one that comes to me over email, or one on the message boards, and answer it here on the newsletter.

So have no fear if you do not get a prompt response from me on email; your question may appear in the next newsletter!

Also, I will be updating the archived newsletters next week so check in with the website if you missed past issues.


“You only ever grow as a human being if you’re outside your comfort zone.”
– Percy Cerutty

Subscriber Questions

This month’s question comes from Ross Rigoli in Grand Haven, MI USA:

“Hi Kevin, How do you know if you are rotating your body enough in the freestyle to maximize glide?”

This comes up often around the pool. First, you need to get comfortable using your hips in freestyle. Start by thinking
about pointing your belly button to one side of the pool with each stroke. When your right hand slices into the water, your right hip should feel as if it is pointed to the bottom of the pool (although in reality it will only be rotated about 50-60 degrees).

Focus on extending your arm out in front and reaching with each stroke before you start your next pull.

If you are used to swimming flat in the water, this hip rotation will feel awkward at first and you may even feel out of shape! However, it is taking a small step back to go leaps and bounds forward in your swim.

Tip of the Month- Hand Position

Many swimmers enter their hands into the water properly and extend the arm out in front, but then put up a “stop sign”, where their hand curves up in front of them and actually pushes against the water in front of them, causing a slowdown or pause in their stroke. Make sure that you are slicing your hand into the water and extending it straight forward, with your palm facing the pool bottom.