New, Innovative Techniques to Get Not Just Better – But Drastically Better at Breathing in Swimming!

Take a few minutes today to set yourself up for a great 2020 – join our latest and popular training, Foundational Breathing Technique, and get a head start on your triathlon goals for the new year.

One of the most common issues in the world of triathlons involves breathing.

While swimming freestyle, the first step on the road to proper form is body positioning. Add in breathing, and suddenly everything is turned on its head!

Do you struggle with breathing in freestyle?

New technology in the form of new, innovative techniques to get not just better- but drastically better at breathing in swimming has been brought to my attention this year.

This is the game changing stuff that only comes along every 10 years or so.

This game changing shift in getting a better freestyle is being led by people like Coach Dominic Latella, who teaches and coaches at SwimBox as well as with us at Tri Swim Coach.


Some of the results Dominic has achieved with his swimmers using this breathing method:

Fix sinking legs and hips for good

– Achieve a better streamlined position in the water- resulting in faster swimming.

Use core for power and ease of getting through the water

This course is called the Foundational Breathing Method (FBM).

FBM will allow you to make the three major changes I mentioned in your swimming by making one simple change in your breathing.

If you’re looking to improve your efficiency, prevent injury, and get faster, the FBM course is what you’re looking for. By making this one change to your breathing you’ll be able to finally end your struggles, create less drag, and go faster in the water.

You’ll learn everything through instructional videos, detailed explanations, demos, before and afters, and troubleshooting sections.

The course also comes with a 6 week swim training plan and a 6 week dryland training plan to help you work on implementing everything you just learned.

Here’s a success story from their program:

I’ve been working with the experts at SwimBox to improve my freestyle for triathlon for a while now. When Coach Dominic had me take his Foundational Breathing Method online course, which complimented the work I’d been doing, it went more to helping my form, alignment, and sinking legs than any crunches or abdominal work I’d been trying to get in. I can honestly recommend this for anyone struggling like me with sinking legs and hips or improper streamline.

-Stephanie Van Bebber, USA Triathlete & Worlds Qualifier

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P.S. Foundational Breathing Method Course comes with 6 week swim training plan and a 6 week dryland training plan.