Fixed vs Growth mindset and your progress

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Yesterday, I wrote about the ways we lie to ourselves.

Today, I want to talk about being guided by better information as opposed to being married to ideas.

Perhaps you have always believed something to be true. Maybe even for decades.

When conflicting information comes along that puts what you believed into question, are you more likely to dismiss that new info quickly- or give it reasonable consideration?

Is your mind mostly fixed, or do you believe in a never ending growth mindset?

If you are dismissing new info on a regular basis and clinging to your long held beliefs, you may be preventing your own progress.

As a coach, I started out with many ideas that I learned growing up. Ideas about stroke technique, workouts, nutrition, strength training, etc.

At first I wanted to impart these ideas on everyone I coached. But as I wanted to give my swimming students the best ideas that would help them, I started reading books and listening to other coaches.

What I found was a lot of conflicting information from what I “knew”!

So I put things to the test, with myself and with whoever I was coaching.

What I found was that no single one of these coaches I was studying were “right”, they all had important things to contribute. I kept what worked and threw out what didn’t work.

And this can work in all aspects of life.

Want to have a better swim or triathlon?

Read many sources. Get lots of ideas. Don’t take anything as the gospel truth (even Tri Swim Coach!)- but instead, try it out yourself.