Fins for Swimming Training – Issue #69

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Fins for Swimming Training Newsletter

Thanks again if you filled out the survey and provided feedback. I received a lot of data that will help me get you the information you are looking for, and also received helpful critiques and suggestions.

Whoever wrote in the suggestion, “More hotties!”, please email me at, as I have a gift for you for the most creative comment!

Let’s do another technique-focused workout today with endurance work mixed in, and add to some of the information on Zoomers fins that I discussed in a previous newsletter.


“The first and the best victory is to conquer self.”

Zoomers for Balance, Power, Ankle Flexibility…

Daily, I get asked questions like

  • “How do I keep my feet from sinking?”
  • “How can I improve my kick”
  • “What can I do about my elbow dropping?”
  • “What’s the best way to do the drills you recommend like Shark Fin without sinking?”

The answer to all of these is: Zoomers!

I highly recommend getting a pair of the new Zoomers Z2 to help improve your stroke, your kick, and your balance in the water. If nothing else, it will get you doing the drills properly without the struggle, and you’ll be on your way to a better, more fluid freestyle.

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Workout of the Month: Kick Improvement

Vertical Kicking: Kicking in place in a vertical position with your hands above the water
Cruise Interval: An interval you can comfortably make several consecutive 100 yard or meter swims on with 5-10 seconds rest in between each.

WARM UP: 300: Every 3rd length 6 kicks per stroke


1×100: 8 Vertical Kicks after each 50
1×200: 10 Vertical Kicks after each 50
1×300: 12 Vertical Kicks after each 50
Rest= :20 between each swim
Focus on keeping knee-bending to a minimum, keeping in a straight line from head to toe on VK’s.

MAIN: 2×100’s, 2×200’s, 2×300’s, 2×200’s, 2×100’s
100’s: Kick on your side (with Zoomers if you have them), keep your head down and roll up for air.
200’s & 300’s: @Cruise interval

CHALLENGE SET: 6×50’s Free Golf
For each 50, count your strokes and also check your time. Add these numbers together to get your score. Lower your score for each 50 by going faster, subtracting strokes, or a combination of both.

WARM DOWN: 200 Moderate, focus on pointed toes.
TOTAL: 3200 Yards or Meters