[FF] Faster faster faster!

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It’s Fast Friday!

What does that mean?

Well it’s different for everyone. But we usually provide a workout that focuses on speed. Which I will (don’t dare skip to the end!)

But first… some inner game reminders.

The majority of people who come to Tri Swim Coach tell us their goal is to “get faster” in the water (or stop being so slow).

Maybe this is you. Maybe you’re a beginner, maybe you’re a seasoned veteran- but you’ve always wanted to get faster.

Okay great! But this needs to be analyzed in just a bit more detail. Consider these points:

1. What is your WHY? Why do you want to get faster? Give the first 5 reasons that come to mind.

2. Do you REALLY want to get faster? Or do you just want to enjoy racing more, so you’re not “dying” on the swim?

3. Can you define a specific goal besides “being faster’? The mind won’t really grab onto the idea of just being faster. But being specific can work wonders. I recommend starting small. How about aiming to drop 5 seconds off your interval time? Or take 1 less stroke per 25m on average? Or bring your mile time down by 15 seconds (that’s just 1 second faster per 100m)?

Okay, now that you’ve answered those questions as specifically as you can, let’s get to the “meat and potatoes”.

With speed, there is a time for technique work and a time for sprints. If you haven’t done much technique work, sprints won’t help you.

But today’s workout is designed to help you accomplish both: Work on speed without losing technique.

Here we go!

(distances in meters or yards)
Warm Up: 300 easy
3x50s build to 90% effort
Drill: 4x150s (50 kick on your side, 50 moderate swim, 50 6 Kicks Per Stroke)
Main: 100 Hard
Rest 1:00
200 Count strokes and see if you can take 2 strokes off per 50
Rest :20
Repeat (as many times as you’d like)
Cool Down: 250 Start at 80% effort on first 50, ease off from there but count your strokes!

Enjoy your Friday and weekend!