Enjoying Labor Day

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RESTIn America, the first monday of September is dedicated to “Labor Day.” For many this means a day off of work (ironically), backyard cookouts, the beginning of the school year, and the closing of outdoor pools (unfortunately).

The origins of Labor day goes back to when working conditions in factories were dismal and workers began to unionize in an effort to lobby for better conditions. Workers and unions eventually began to call for a “workers’ holiday” to celebrate their achievements, and finally Congress decided to pass day to recognize the fruits of hard work. As swimmers and triathletes we work a good deal and like the actual workforce should celebrate that fact.

I find that many athletes do not celebrate their work enough. Many do the opposite and no matter how well they perform or work, say that they could have done better or that their workout or race “was pathetic.” These self-deprecating comments might be an effort at modesty and not wanting to come off as a show off, but athletes should be proud of the work that they do. No matter how small your achievements, taking time to pat yourself on the back either literally or mentally is completely healthy and normal. I am not saying you should go out and brag about every little thing that you do especially on Twitter or Facebook. Rather take just 30 seconds after a workout or race and tell yourself “That was a good effort. Well done. Keep up the good work.”

Keep on training hard,
Coach Kev and Chris