Endless Pool For Triathlon Swimming

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Endless Pool for Triathlon Swimming
I went to the Triathica training center in Irvine and got to try out the Endless Pool. We got some good underwater video where you can check out my stroke as well as a couple others. I have to say, the endless pool changes your stroke, so it’s a little different than how it would be in a pool or open water!


Hi, it’s Kevin with Triswimcoach.com and wanted to just talk about my experience of swimming in an endless pool here. This is at the Triathica Training Center up in Irvine, California. Endless pool is a small, about the size of a hot tub and the water is not exactly hot tub temperature. It’s about 74 degrees so a little on the chilly side but a good training temperature.

This is an over the water shot and if you kind of notice my hands there extending with each stroke. There’s a good shot of that and this is like swimming up a river so it’s a little tough to keep balance in the water; it kind of pushes you around a bit but this gives you an idea.

Here’s an underwater shot and again hands extending with each stroke. I’m slicing the water and check out the breathing. Looking to the side to breathe and not looking up so my head is just barely getting out of the water.

There’s a good side view and again there’s the side breathing and you can see I’m rotating my hips with each stroke. Head position, I should be looking down, but I’ve been looking up a few times to see that I’m not running into the front of the pool.

There’s another shot underwater. Clearly you can get a good shot of your stroke on here if somebody’s videotaping you under the water, but also, you can get a good workout. You can crank up the speed that you go per 100 so it’s based on 100 times. I had it set at 120 and I think I dropped it down to about 113 and that was a pretty good workout.

I recommend you checking this out when you get a chance and if you have somebody to look at your stroke, even better. You can contact me, Kevin@triswimcoach.com or go to the Triathica website, it’s Triathica.com.

Thanks for checking it out and we’ll talk with you soon.