Dress for Success

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Q SwimWearOne very effective way for you to reinvigorate your swim is to get new gear and there is no better time to do so than in the offseason. For swimmers, this might mean getting a new swim suit. I have found that swim suits usually last one season before they begin to look thread bear, baggy, and are liable to either disintegrate or fall apart mid flip turn.

If you need to upgrade your swimsuit and at the same time motivate yourself to get to the pool, check out Q swimwear. They approached us a few weeks ago and asked us to review their suits. At first, I was curious because when you have tried one swimsuit it seems like you have tried them all, so I had no idea what made q swimsuits unique or noteworthy for our readers.

Then I looked at their sight and my mind was blown. I was amazed by the wide variety and creativity of the patterns. From animal patterns to funny phrases to holiday themes to patriotic flags, they had it all. Whatever your style or whatever the occasion, they have a pattern to match. They also copy patterns for different styles of suits so you can go with jammers, traditional cut, or water polo briefs. My personal favorites were the panda, “too cool for school,” and the “I-scream Ice-cream” (women’s only) patterns. Eventually, after a large chunk of time going through the different patterns, I settled for the white tiger classic brief.

For briefs, I typically size down one size and am glad I did. Their cuts are spot on with fit. They are tight enough for you to not feel like they will fall off when you dive in but still allow circulation to lower extremities. The material and feel is a bit thicker than your typical suit since the suit has an outer part (with the design on it) and an inner liner, however, despite this double-ply, you barely notice that the suit is there in the water since the suit does not bunch up or slip.

They are about 5 dollars more than a typical suit but well worth it. Let’s face it: if you look at any swim team, the colors are pretty basic and boring. If swimming is going to be fun then you should start with the suit. As they say, dress for success.