“Don’t fall off the bandwagon”

Posted Ella Villas Articles

You’ve heard it enough times from us if you have followed Tri Swim Coach for any length of time:

“Consistency is key!”

This means just getting to the pool is your objective. Everything else is easy!


But really, what happens when you “fall of the wagon”? You are consistently making gains in the water, in your fitness level, then WHAM something throws you off- like a cold, or an injury, or travel, and you miss several days or even weeks.

What I say to this is: it doesn’t matter.

Let’s compare your swim and training progress to diet for a second.

So you’ve been doing amazing on eating for a few weeks. Keeping the carbs low, the fat high, and eating quality proteins.

You are starting to see the extra fat on your body melt away.

Then, you… fall off the wagon. Big time. A birthday party results in cake AND ice cream, and a couple of beers. Booooo!

So then what? Do you then say “F it, I’m off the wagon, might as well keep going” and continue to eat lots of sugar and processed carbohydrates?

No, you get right back on that wagon, and you don’t chastise yourself for slipping. In fact, the “slip” is only a slight bump in the road, a tiny bump that serves more as a challenge to help you get to your goals, than one to throw you off.

Okay back to swimming. You missed a week. Two weeks. Whatever. You’re now “off” when you get in the water.

Time to quit? Nope!

Time to climb back on the wagon.

You see, if you generally aim for consistency, and you have slips and bumps along the way, it really won’t matter.

You will climb back to where you were, often very quickly.

So roll with the punches and don’t worry about falling, there will be another bandwagon to pick you up in no time!