Do you really need a swing coach?

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No that wasn’t a typo in the subject line. Do you need a swing coach?

The sport of golf is similar to swimming in many ways.

When you learn golf, there are so many little details that have to go into getting a reasonably decent swing, and be able to get into a groove on the course.

How’s your grip? Where’s your head? How far back are you bringing the club? Where are your feet? What’s your follow through like?

In swimming, you can ask very similar questions. Head position, arm extension, pull, kick, etc.

There are definitely things you need to learn in these realms.

But at a certain point, you are actually hurting yourself by continuing to focus on all of these details.

Some golfers hire swing coaches. And even get coaching for years, even decades!

But this won’t help. After you get the basics in swimming or golf, it’s time to start trusting yourself- and just practicing the things you already, intuitively know.

I have found the best way to do this is to watch really good swimmers, either in person or on video. This will help you mind to wrap around this idea of “intuitiveness”.

Watch and practice. Repeat. You will start to learn from the visualization, as well as your actual practice. You will be able to adjust things, not by having a coach look over your shoulder and point out your mistakes, but by what is sinking in to your brain.

Don’t get me wrong, beginners still need to go through the steps to learn proper technique.

But once you’ve got it, hiring a swing coach, or a swim coach, won’t do you much good when it comes to swing or stroke improvement.

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Happy swimming & swinging!