Did you get to the top?

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Do you swim and do triathlon for the exercise?

For the sheer challenge?

For the feeling of accomplishment?

Or all of the above?

Mountain climbers and hikers often need to get to the top of the mountain to feel the sense of accomplishment.

Perhaps one hour of hiking would have the health benefit, and diminishing returns happen in the second hour.

But if you’re still not at the top, it might feel like you might as well have not even attempted!

Much like a DNF feels.

The point is, with hiking, we know our destination. The top.

With triathlon and other endurance sports, that destination might be a little more fuzzy.

What is the top?

Only a select few will make it to the top of their age group.

“The top” for you could be finishing and still feeling energetic.

Or it could be avoiding injuries.

Or it could be, enjoyment and setting a PR.

Getting to the top is not only for races, but for workouts.

Triathletes get obsessed with how many yards or meters they swam in the workout. It’s not my favorite measurement, but if it gets you to the pool and coming back, by all means use it!

I recommend this method of figuring out your “top” or your why for doing each workout, and for your bigger picture season.

Don’t worry about making your “top” some monumental thing. In working with beginner open water swimmers, I would have them just swim out to this buoy about 300 meters off shore.

It’s nothing to the advanced swimmers but in reality, a huge accomplishment for someone starting out in open water.

And that success can lead to more success.

As you befriend the water!

Enjoy your week, and we’ll have more for you soon.