Curing your struggles with awareness

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“Awareness is Curative”

I read about this idea in a psychology book I read a few years ago.

It means, we have the most trouble with the things we are not aware of.

For example, perhaps your finances are not where you would like them to be.

You stress about it every day. You feel trapped. How can I get out of this debt? How can I move forward financially?

The more you think about it, the worse it gets.

But a good part of this stress is coming from not knowing the facts.

Where exactly are you now? What is your income, what are your expenses? Once you know the numbers, you have a place to start. Okay, maybe I’m $50k in debt and not sure if I can pay rent this month. It hurts to realize this, but a much worse place to be is, pretending as if it doesn’t exist!

The same example could be applied to weight loss. If you cannot accept where you are right now, you will have a very hard time achieving what you say you want- a fit body.

And of course, this can be applied to swimming improvement in a big way.

In order to improve- and that can mean going faster, or swimming more fluidly, or conserving more energy or just enjoying yourself more in the water- you must first get real with yourself.

What are your shortcomings with freestyle?

What are the things you are pretending are “just fine” or “OK”, that in reality, need attention?

Is it your kick? Your pull? Your lack of hip rotation?

Your breathing?

Some triathletes will just put on a pull buoy and pretend like they are faster/better at swimming then they are.

This is digging a hole for your potential swimming success!

Getting real means becoming aware. What can you become aware of that can be the key to your success in the water?

Facing reality is the only way to get what you want. Shining the light on the thing or things you’ve been ignoring may be a bit difficult at first, but on the other side is you making big breakthroughs.

This idea of awareness being curative is likely even better than finding the exact right workout program, right coach, or right drill sequence.

Once you become aware, get real, and accept yourself where you are now, the fun starts.

And what better way to befriend the water than to be aware and self-accepting? 🙂