Controlling your destiny with this belief system

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I was listening to a health podcast yesterday, and the guest said he hasn’t been sick in 11 years- not even a cold.

He said he just decided that he wouldn’t get sick 11 years ago, and made that a reality.

Now, that sounds a bit “woo-woo”, and maybe implausible. And he’s a health guy so he’s likely taking great care of himself anyway.

But I believe there’s something to it.

You make these decisions and your mind kind of sets you on a trajectory- which could be helpful, or not.

If you are saying “oh swimming is just hard, I’m just a back-of-the-packer and that’s who I am” then you won’t make much, if any, improvement.

You turn that into “I’m a good swimmer in the body of a developing swimmer!” your mind will help your body along to do what it needs to do to start actualizing the “good swimmer” part.

And those are the types of people we aim to attract at Tri Swim Coach- the ones who believe in themselves.

The perfect technique and the perfect program are nothing if you don’t start with some level of belief in the reality that you are good enough to do this.

If you either have this belief in yourself, or know deep down that you can develop this belief, then you are a good candidate to hitch your wagon to our Tri Swim Success program.

De-enemize (befriend!) the water!