Competitive at 50+

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The Tri Swim Coach community has been on fire recently…with inspiring performances and….email reports!

Yesterday I received an email from a Tri Swim Success member that I wanted to share part of:

I wanted to drop an email to thank you for this entire year of videos and emails.

My big race is Aug 27th 2017 Ironman Coeur d’Alene. It’s more of a redemption for me, especially the swim portion. This is my second IM. Did IM Texas in 2016 and just barely made the swim cut-off with 7 minutes left (2 hrs 13 minutes). Never swam in a lake before (I’m from Hawaii).

In 2017, I shifted my focus to really work on improving my swim this year and I really believed that I have. I read your emails every day to give me insights, challenges, drills, and most of off words of wisdom.

Though I am an age grouper with no swimming background (I grew up as a “recreational” swimmer on the beach), I am more competitive now at age 54 than I have ever been.”

-Rudy, Honolulu, Hawaii

I wanted to share this to give you hope and inspiration. Once again, the dedication he has put into this has paid off, and will keep paying off.

And, there’s another example of someone from a non-swimming background making it in this sport.

The swimming superstars or even varsity-level high school swimmers are not typically the ones killing it in this sport.

It’s the advantage you have starting out in triathlon “later” in life.

There’s plenty of room for improvement and that’s a good thing!

There may be some things you still need to overcome to have continual improvement in your swim and triathlon. Like:

-Limiting beliefs
-Breathing difficulties

And these will take time, and effort to get through. But what’s on the other side is the feeling of growing and moving yourself forward- a couple of necessary ingredients for happiness and mental health.

Triathlon is an individual sport with everyone fighting their own battles.

But it is also one that requires a supportive community.

Tri Clubs and masters groups are great places for this community. Even so, we often train alone, and need some outlets for encouragement and support, especially when it comes to swimming- which often involves incremental improvements as opposed to overnight or instant breakthroughs.

If you’re looking to start moving towards your goals with our support, consider joining our Tri Swim Success course– and we’ll be there for you, whether it’s videos, workouts, general coaching or to just help you “laugh at the water”. 🙂

Have a great week!