Common Mistakes #2: Elbow Dropping

Learning Objectives: Becoming balanced on your sides & Implementing the high elbow recovery.


Day 2 Practice

  • WARM UP:
  • 200 Easy swim
  • DRILL:
  • 100 Kicking on your side (as in practice #1)
  • 100 Easy freestyle, focus on arm extension
  • 3x100s: Touch hands out in front and immediately bend your elbow and pull to the outside.
  • 3x100s: Swim, focus on extension, then bent elbows, then pulling as if around a barrel
  • Rest :15 between 100s
  • 200 Easy Swim, keep the focus on arm extension
  • TOTAL:
  • 1200 Yards or Meters

Do this for all sets:

  • Focus on your arms.
  • Reach through the water, bend your elbow, and pull.
  • *Feel free to add or subtract distance as needed.


  • You may be tempted to think about several things at once. Today is just about the pull. Try to resist the temptation to get ahead of yourself or try to be “perfect”. One thing at a time.


  • Slice your hand into the water
  • Extend and bend
  • Think of pulling around a barrel


  • Slap or lower your arm down on top of the water
  • Pull too far to the inside or outside
  • Make an “S” curve with your pull

…my catch is smoother and there is less strain on my shoulders.

“Hi Kevin, I just wanted to thank you and your staff for your helpful insights, my swimming is progressing. My elbows are higher than before, my catch is smoother and there is less strain on my shoulders. I’m very pleased with the ease of efficiency due to dedication to the prescribed drills in the course. The shark fin drill has especially contributed to my muscle memory of entering the water closer to my goggle line and a better extension/glide afterwards, thanks!!”
– Patty Topper

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