Chiropractic Care and Swimming

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Last week I moved and spent the week on an air mattresss. The first two nights I slept well, but starting the third night I began to wake up with lower back pain. I’ve never in my life had any sigificant back pain until last week (although neck pain is another issue). Usually, swimming cures any back problems I’ve ever had.

So, I went to my chiropractor today (who also does Active Release Technique, or ART).

Well things seem to be in working order after about 40 minutes of ART on my back, abs, hips, and hamstring, followed by a couple of chirpractic adjustments.

If you as a triathlete suffer from back pain, you know how it can drastically affect your training both physically and mentally. I highly recommend finding an ART therapist to work with. They are typically chiropractors or physical therapists with this specialized training.

Address the pain as soon as you feel it and you won’t have to take much, if any, time away from training!