Challenge yourself and watch the growth happen

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It’s very easy to talk about change.

It’s easy to make plans, goals, and even declarations to self-improve.

But it’s sooo much more rare to actually do what you say you are going to do.

However, if you combine a couple of ideas, you will have a much easier/better time accomplishing what you really want to accomplish.

Let me explain.

Yesterday, I gave a swim lesson to Brian of Team Kick Obesity. He is both working on losing weight himself to get down to his ideal weight, and inspiring others while doing so.

He’s taken on doing a triathlon as a way to do this, including the accountability of being forced to train, as well as being public about everything.

Amazing, inspirational journey!

The couple ideas here that I mentioned above are:

1. Accountability. Brian is doing this in two ways. By entering a triathlon, he must get in shape for it. And by starting a public Facebook page, he is putting himself out there- lots of people will be watching.

2. Self-efficacy. His journey is now 2-fold. One is weight loss. The other is finishing a triathlon. By tying these two things together, it leads to more success in both. It’s natural human psychology to prove to yourself you can do something, then develop more self esteem, self respect, and confidence to take on other challenges. These two challenges feed on each other.

And when you get to a favorable result, it’s easier to connect these two things in your mind. (for example, choosing to eat healthy becomes a reward, instead of a punishment, because you know what the results will be).

By taking on challenges, and following through with them, you can make bigger changes in other parts of life.

What challenge will you take on next? Will you wait until January 1 like the masses do, or start today?