The Breathing Solution To Swimming With Dominic Latella

The Breathing Solution To Swimming With Coach Dominic Latella – TSC Podcast #119

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The Breathing Solution To Swimming With Dominic LatellaIn this episode of the TriSwim Coach Podcast, Kevin interviews top US swim coach and breathing expert Dominic Latella for the second time (see episode 111 for Dominic’s first appearance on Tri Swim Coach). Dominic has now discovered a new way of breathing that has been really effective with his swimming students, allowing them to swim faster without any issue with their breathing.

Learn all about this revolutionary breathing in this show!

Topics discussed in this episode:

  • What is postural respiratory
  • The usual protocols in swimming
  • Correcting interior pelvis tilt
  • What Dominic does differently in their trainings
  • Foundational Breathing Method
  • What good posture should look like
  • Ratio of land and water training
  • Who can learn this kind of breathing?
  • The beautiful outcome of this kind of breathing
  • Opinions on Wim Hof training
  • Flexibility and mobility versus strength
  • Learn about PRI
  • High Elbow Catch
  • Dominic’s Course

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