Breaking the ice (swim barrier)

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Do you ever get the feeling you know how something is going to turn out, so you decide not to do it?

For example, you hear about a new way of eating. And you instantly think “Oh just another diet fad, would never work for me!”

Or anything where it may be hard at first, where you don’t see instant results.

Like using a standing desk.

Or sprinting.

Or stopping wearing fins when you swim (not talking about drills here!)

It’s often these areas where we think we know for sure something isn’t going to “work”, so we don’t even give it a shot.

This week, I decided to try the Wim Hof cold immersion therapy. The first part is simply turning the water to cold in the last part of your shower.

I’ve known about this for a year, yet, I justified not doing it… because “I hate cold”.

But it turns out, that’s the point. By immersing yourself in a cold shower, even just 30 seconds in the morning, gives you a confidence to withstand other seemingly difficult things in life.

I admit, cold showers sound horrible. They did to me, for my whole life. Now, I’m actually looking forward to them- for the challenge! And the feeling of energy I get afterwards.

But today’s message isn’t about why you too should start taking cold showers! So far, I’m only up to 45 seconds anyway. The jury is likely still out on how long I will continue this practice.

Instead, it’s about the idea of growth through challenges. I think back to the podcast I did with Emilia Lahti about SISU- which is kind of like allowing difficult events in your life to make you stronger.

This is kind of along those lines- bringing in little “difficulties” into your life on a regular basis, to build you up for the bigger challenges.

Cold water is just one way.

For you it may be getting up 15 minutes earlier.

Or committing to 4 days of swimming a week.

Or taking the time to meditate when you think you “don’t have time to meditate”.

What is your current biggest challenge in swimming or triathlon? How can you build yourself up to be able to tackle this challenge with confidence and energy?

It may be the little things that help you with the bigger things. It may be that you take on the challenges that you know you can do, ones that don’t take skill or months of practice, that lead you to getting the bigger stuff done and done at a high level.

So today’s challenge is to take on something that is just a little out of your comfort zone that you know you can do.

For me it’s cold water for now.

How will you start “leveling up” your life, and your swim?

Befriend the water!