Breaking FREE from traps

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This morning I was listening to some motivational stuff I found on one of the podcasts I subscribe to.

The show was on “the identity trap”, and it’s about how many of us fall into the trap of believing we have to be who people early in our lives (usually parents) expected us to be.

It sets us up to be trapped in believing we need to do that thing that Mom or Dad or school test results always wanted us to be.

By entering a triathlon, you have taken a step away from the “mold”. Almost nobody grew up believing they they would become a triathlete!

For many, swimming wasn’t even on the radar until their adult years.

And then, one thing led to another, and suddenly… it becomes a quest to complete a triathlon.

And it becomes imperative to learn swimming, and get at least decent at it to succeed in a race.

But you get stuck with the struggle… wanting to quit so many times, thinking “I wasn’t born for this, I’m not a swimmer!”

Ah, but you were born for this! This is beyond just a hobby… it’s a growth project at each step.

There is something within each of us that drives us to accomplish bigger things in our lives… no matter how “trapped” we may have been in a certain identity that was created for us.

This is about breaking out, breaking free. Crossing that finish line is that inner, strong and powerful version of you coming to the surface.

So when your elbows are dropping, you’re running out of air, and you are getting passed by people 20+ years older than you… think about going deep, tapping into that powerful version of yourself that can see why this is all worth it, to continue on your path of growth as a thriving human. 🙂

Combine this with a befriending of the water, and achieve magical results!