The biggest obstacle to your swimming

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The biggest obstacle to your swimmingI have been coaching with TSC for almost 8 years and the biggest issue that I see with swimmers has nothing to do with the water…..

No it’s not sinking hips…..

Not even high elbow catch

Nor “efficiency”……

Can you guess it?

It’s how swimmers talk to themselves. That is the biggest barrier swimmers face to improvement because without it, your hips will continue to sink, elbow drop, and waste energy with each stroke.

Looking over the emails that we get at TSC, our private and public Facebook group, and the individual consults with athletes for out Fit Triathlete program, many swimmers describe themselves as

  • Runners/Cyclists who play around in the water
  • Horrible and/or hopeless swimmers
  • Just wanting to get through the swim
  • Just wanting to survive the swim
  • Drowners
  • Terrified of the water

Have you ever told yourself that or maybe something worse? Do you see how harmful that is to your progress?

If you tell yourself that you suck at swimming or are inefficient or only want to get through the swim so that you can get on the bike, you automatically shut yourself down and block potential progress. Tell it to yourself enough and you will live into that feeling and embody it.

Instead embrace your potential as a swimmer. Even if you are swimming for the first time, you can learn to swim and swim well. Yes, it will take time; yes, it will tough and frustrating. But, if you embrace the challenge and embrace the fact that every drill that you do, every lap taken, and every workout you do if done purposefully and mindfully will take you closer to your goals.

Next time you catch yourself telling yourself negative thoughts try these instead:

  • My swim is a work in progress and is improving with each workout
  • My swim is my biggest challenge and I am taking that challenge head on
  • There is nothing to fear about the swim
  • Progress not perfection
  • The power to improve is within my grasp
  • Best mode engaged
  • Let’s have some fun today

At TSC, our first goal is for you “to laugh at the water” and in doing so unleash your your inner swimmer. Countless of our clients in our Success Plan have gone from 3:00min/100 to 1:30/100 and beyond and you can to, but the first stroke is in your mind.