Beginner Triathlon Swimming Workouts – Issue #155

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Beginner Triathlon Swimming Workouts

Dear Friend,

I was doing a natural movement-type workout this morning and I’ve been working on my balance lately. Improving balance helps in so many areas of sports and life. In order to do some of the balance practice I was doing, I had to be 100% focused on what I was doing. This is what I love about practicing this within a workout- it requires that I not let my mind wander!

Focus will be required in any discipline. Swimming is of course no exception. And just as when I was working on my balance today on land, and making little improvements with each practice, doing drills in the water and making improvements to your stroke is no different!

Check out this month’s workout below. It will involve keeping focused on each drill or stroke aspect as you swim. This will likely put you into a “zone” of sorts, where you are not thinking about work or dinner or bills- which is I think the beautiful thing about triathlon- it allows us to get the benefits of meditation without having to sit still. 🙂


“Most people have no idea of the giant capacity we can immediately command when we focus all of our resources on mastering a single area of our lives.”
-Tony Robbins

Join A Former Olympian and Me in California in January!

In the last 15 or so years, certain discoveries regarding stroke technique have moved the ball forward for triathletes who are looking to have an overall relaxed swim with energy left over to power through the rest of the race and improve their times.

But the next level of swimming is here- and it involves this concept of not only having that energy left over, but actually
getting FASTER in the water and improving swim times by leaps and bounds!

We are kicking off the new year with an exciting 1-day clinic in Southern California at a fantastic price. To find out more, click on: [Past Event]

The catch and the pull have been areas that are often overlooked when it comes to traditional triathlon swimming. Not anymore! Not only will we be covering some of the basics in this clinic, as well as doing video critiques of each swimmer’s stroke, we will be teaching the methodology that allowed 5’2 Sheila Taormina to compete at the Olympic level in freestyle against women an entire foot taller than her!

If you are doing lots of drills and even perfecting balance and swimming on your side, but not gaining speed in the water, this clinic is for you!

Find out how to leapfrog over the competition in 2011 by going to

We are limiting participants to just 20, so if you are interested you will need to act on this quickly. Spots are filling up (over half have been taken) and we’re not sure when we will be offering the clinic again!

It will be a chance to start your year off right in the swim…and get to the next level with Olympic-caliber instruction!

I hope your season or off-season is going well, and I look forward to seeing you soon in California!

Workout of the Month: Focus!

Beginner Triathlon Swimming Workouts

Cruise= an interval you can make around 8 100’s on with relative ease, 5-10 seconds rest between each one.
Free Golf= do a 50 and count your strokes as well as get your time. Add these 2 numbers together to get your score, and attempt to lower that score with each successive 50.

Warm Up: 300 Free, focus by 50:
50 arm extension
50 hip rotation
50 high elbow pull

Drill: 4×150’s
50 kick on your side
50 shark fin drill
50 swim
Rest= :15

2×50’s on Cruise + :05
Focus on stroke economy
2×100’s on Cruise
Focus on building your stroke rate
2×200’s on Cruise
Focus on high elbow recovery +
high elbow pull, make interval
2×100’s on Cruise +:05
Focus on keeping an even kick
2×50’s on Cruise +:10
Stretch it out

Free Golf:
6×50’s focus on hip rotation & pull to lower your “score”

Warm Down:
4×50’s Ascend- start out at 80% on #1, and slow it down
from there

Total: 2400 Yards or Meters

Kevin Koskella
Tri Swim Coach