Beginner Triathlon Swim Workout – Issue #78

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Beginner Triathlon Swim Workout

Dear Friend,

Congratulations if this was the year you took on triathlon or began training for swimming. If you are an old pro at it, good job staying with your sport and doing what you can to improve!


“Adversity cause some men to break; others to break records.”
-William A. Ward

Workout of the Month: Keep it Simple

Sometimes, it’s good to keep your workout simple and not try to do too much. Focus on quality!

Cruise= an interval you can make 100 yard or meter swims on consecutively with 5-10 seconds rest.

WARM UP: 300 Yards

DRILL: 5×100’s
50 Kick on your side/50 Free with Fists
Rest= :15 between each

MAIN: 10×100’s
#1-4) on Cruise +:05
#5) Count your strokes and keep them low
#6-10) on Cruise

BREATH CONTROL: 8×25’s alternate 25 breathing every 5 strokes, 25

WARM DOWN: 300 free with Freestyler Paddles if you have them

TOTAL: 2500 Yards