Befriending the chop

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Water comes in so many forms.

It can be calm, warm, and inviting.

And it can be rough, cold, and mean!

Christopher from Wisconsin joined Tri Swim Success over 6 months ago and has had many successes this year. He recently emailed me a summary of his season, which turned out amazing, on many accounts, with him exceeding the goals he set out by a lot!

Here’s one quote from him I wanted to focus in on:

The other race(s) we will share are the Toughman Series. Wisconsin’s Toughman was a hot challenge as always. For us swim dudes, the water was choppy – 1-2 foot waves. Combined with your coaching and the open water training in Lake Michigan, this made it one of the “funnest” swims I’ve been able to do. The “washing-machine” water was like a “playground” – I “befriended” the water :-). It was funny because everyone else complained about the chop, and I was having a blast. 🙂

This is something I loved reading.

I’ve been personally working on leaning in to discomfort for the sake of growth.

Yes, choppy water is not comfortable.

But Christopher leaned into it and had fun with it.

This is triathlon swim success, even if he didn’t end up qualifying for the USA Triathlon Age Group National Championship in Omaha!

Just the idea of taking something that can be as frustrating as chop and turning it into a fun swim and successful race is the essence of “befriending the water”.

Just wanted to highlight this for a “Motivational Monday” email. Keep this idea in mind of “leaning into discomfort” and finding the fun in otherwise stressful-appearing things, and your success in the water is well within your reach.