Become uncomfortable, then improve.

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Most people spend most of their lives trying to remain comfortable as much as possible, and avoid discomfort as much as possible.

This is why by signing up for our programs here, you are a little different.

Triathlon is not comfortable.

It may be fun. It may be healthy. It may help you get in shape.

But for the most part, it’s uncomfortable.

But you didn’t decide to race because you are looking for comfort!

So the same can be applied to swimming itself. The water’s cold, you’re not fast, you run out of breath, you sink…all of this is bringing you out of your comfort zone.

But most great things you want in life require becoming uncomfortable to attain them.

Becoming a faster swimmer is no exception.

You’ve gotta love the cold. You’ve gotta love the chlorine, and the time it takes to get to the pool, and the annoying swimmer in your lane swimming too close to the black line.

All of it is part of becoming better.

Reject discomfort and you will stagnate, in any part of life!

Next time you train, and feel the discomfort, think: this is you getting better.

Embrace the discomfort.

And befriend the water!