Be the hero of your own movie

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I was watching some comedians on YouTube last night, including my favorite George Carlin, and noticed that someone had taken clips from several comedians and actors and crated “success tips” out of them.

Here are three tips that stood out for me, hopefully you can see some tie-ins to your own life and quest to accomplish your goals:

1. Joe Rogan- Be the hero of your own movie. What would the hero version of yourself do? Do that! What would he or she NOT do? Don’t do that! Who would they hang around? You need to start hanging around those people. Maybe that means finding out what the most fit, fastest people in your age group are doing, or just learning from and copying those around you who you admire. This makes life great, and gives you that “anything is possible” feeling.

2. George Carlin- Find your place. The plan that your parents and teachers had for you is not your plan. It can be a lifelong journey to find your own place, to forge your own path, and to do what you really, truly want to be doing in life. For Carlin, it went beyond “entertaining people” and he realized he could combine his desire to get a message across through comedy. What is it for you? Maybe you are 10% there. Maybe you’re halfway there. What can you add that can give you that feeling of having found “your place”?

3. Sylvester Stallone (Rocky himself)- Be fueled by fear. The fear is you slipping back into mediocrity. This is what so many accomplished people do- take that fear and instead of trying to fight it, use it as fuel to get to the next level. Always be challenging yourself, and when fear comes up, embrace it and allow it to motivate you to success, whatever that means to you.

Triathlon and swimming are life. Thinking big picture is going to help you get to the next level.

Befriend the swim!